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RnRP is a Paranormal Investigation Team located in Metro-Atlanta. We offer free-of-cost investigations without the use of psychics. We are very interested in local history, assisting historical areas with tourist promotions, and also completes investigations for private residents.
We are committed to your privacy and comfort during the investigation process. Our investigators strive to give you the most honest answers regarding the activity in your home or business. The results of the investigation will never be shared with any third parties, to ensure your privacy. We will only discuss the findings and provide copies of the evidence to you.
We bring our individual personalities, with unique ways of investigating to cover any and all possibilities. Each of us are skilled on use of the equipment and do extensive historical research of the property and surrounding area.
We do this primarily to give answers to people in need, and maybe, to provide them to ourselves. We love and enjoy what we do, but are very serious in regards to your problems, fears, and needs.
If you feel that you are dealing with paranormal activity or unexplained phenomena, please feel free to contact us at or
We will do everything possible to help.


Randy, RnRP Founder -
David, RnRP Co-Founder -
Dana, RnRP Case Manager -



David Howington interview - Beth Dolgner's Investigator of the Week
David Howington interview - DiabloCast episode 23


VININGS, GA - 05-02-2009:
1.Woman's voice. Caught by Eric's recorder about 50 mins into evp session. Investigators present: Randy, David, Jeff, Eric.

2. Same session, same voice and a laugh, from a second recorder about 30 minutes later.

MARTIN, GA - 11-07-2009:
EVP session in the master bedroom - Eric asks a question there is a pause and possible answer. Investigators present: Eric, David, Keith
1. Original EVP recording.

2. Same recording with EVP amplified.

STONE MOUNTAIN, GA - 03-12-2011:
EVP session in what was formerly a master bedroom - question and possible answer. Investigators present: Dana and Chrissy.

CARNESVILLE, GA - 08-03-2013:
EVP session in during a prelim interview at a private residence. There is one voice caught several times. Investigators present: Randy and David


MONROE, GA - 06-05-2010: Smoke passes stationary camera. Watch the 0:42 sec mark.Investigators present: Keith and Richard.

JONESBORO, GA - 09-11-2010: From the Depot/Gone with the Wind Museum here is two clips in one. The first is an unexplained noise. The second is a female voice saying 'OKAY'.
Investigators present: Randy, Dana, Eric, Chrissy

DBA BBQ - Atlanta, GA - 09-29-2012:The slideshow presentation from the Halloween Party reveal of the investiagation of DBA BBQ. Includes pictures and several EVPs.


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