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Listed below are the locations of RnRP investigations and a synopsis of each case. Links within will take you to the full case report and any evidence captured. All locations accessed are public property, or RnRP was invited and given full permission to conduct investigations by the proper authorities. All information regarding the properties and the evidence is used only with consent.

January 24, 2015


Febuary 2, 2014

Once Possessed - Snellville, GA

August 2, 2013

The house, built in 1936, sits on 42 acres of farm land and has family cemeteries throughout the property. The residents report their two-year-old daughter seeing and talking to two "adult males". They also say the daughter's behavior changes coincide with the appearance of the entities.
There is an oppressive pressure in the daughter's room that is not found anywhere else in the house with no electrical or structural causes. RnRP caught the following EVP of an unknown male voice at the :11 and :26 second marks.

December 1, 2012


September 29, 2012

DBA BARBECUE - Virginia Highlands, Atlanta, GA
Located in historic Virgina Highlands district of Atlanta, DBA Barbecue opened hestitantly over suspected paranormal activity. Matt Coggin, managing partner, often spends nights alone smoking full pigs for the restaurant. He has heard footsteps and other noises, and has come up from the basement office to find chairs have been taken off of table tops and turned right side up on the floor.
RnRP was able to document noises, EVPs, and repeated EMF activity. Read the case report and review evidence here.

June 3, 2012

BEV's PLACE - Stone Mountain, GA
Beverley Lane is the owner of a neighborhood bar in historic Stone Mountain. Ms. Lane and her staff state they have repeatedly seen things/people moving while watching the security cameras, had items move, and while staying overnight, they have witnessed many things to which they believe is of a paranormal nature.
RnRP found that the figures in the security cameras were actually interference caused by the installation of the camera above the electrical box and in between two poorly insulated line coming in from the exterior poles. There was no activity witnessed by RnRP except one team member was pushed on the left shoulder during an EVP session. No evidence was caught on camera, video, or on the recorders. Upon review, no determination can be made.

Febuaury, 2012

Also known as the Looney-Hanes-Smith House, construction on the Victorian manor started between 1878-79. This house not only has towering gables and balconies, it has secret passage ways (legend says they lead to secret rooms holding illegal poker games and alcohol) and an attic that leads to another hidden balcony and two shuttered doors overlooking the school across the street. Long abandoned after years of being home to special events and the dream of of it becoming a bed and breakfast, it has now been over run with squatters.
There has been dozens of reports of the hauntings of the Green House, even reports by local police officers. One of the officers has witnessed the oft reported woman that appears in one of the gable windows, shutters open, and rocking in a rocking chair.
RnRP's experience at the Green House might have been the most bizarre to date. During the initial walk through and equipment set up, one team member was in the attic setting up recorders and a camera, heard a voice. He thought that the voice was other member, Dana, and that she was calling him. He followed the voice into every room in the upstairs level without finding anyone. After searching every room, he confirmed that Dana was not inside the house at the time.
One very scary incident was the living room portion of the house filling up with the smell of natural gas. Upon inspection by the police, and a call to the local fire dept, the gas lines had been sealed off years prior.
RnRP decided to load up all gear and leave the Green House, but the experiences were not over. From the rear, upper-most window, a black shadow-figure was spotted peeking out. The figured remained there for some time, and slowly backed away and vanished. In a window on the left side house a figure was spotted again. This time it pulled the lace curtain back as it peered out. The police officers that were patrolling the area also witnessed this activity.
There is no doubt that the Green House is haunted. Unfortunately, there is little chance of any follow-up investigations due to the change in ownership and various unauthorized visitors to the property. The exact nature of the activity will probably never be known.

November, 2011


October 15, 2011


March 12, 2011

ROCK HOUSE Restaurant and Bar - Stone Mountain, GA

November 6, 2010

WARREN HOUSE - Jonesboro, GA

October 16, 2010

During Sherman's march through Atlanta, there was the two-day Battle of Jonesboro. Soldiers killed in battle were buried where they fell and would remain there for the next eight years. In 1872, the bodies were exhumed and moved to a small field, which became known as the Patrick Cleburne Cemetery. There are between 600-1000 Confederate soldiers buried in unmarked graves. Markers now line the grounds in a Battle Flag pattern to honor those buried and names carved as identified.
RnRP had several experiences while on the grounds. A shadow figure was observed running along the back fence line. David was grabbed shortly after entering the cemetery, and Randy was physically pushed after another team member pointed out that Randy "is a Yankee". Besides these experiences, there was nothing documented on cameras or recorders.

September 25, 2012


September 11, 2010


July 25, 2010


June 5, 2010

Although no windows or fans were on during the investigation, an unexplained smoke passes stationary camera around the 0:42 mark. It seems to gather around the bedroom door after circling the room.
Investigators present: Keith and RnRP guest, Richard.

May 22, 2010

The teenaged daughters of a family were convinced that the maternal grandmother remains on the property and in their house after her passing. The teens refuse to go in an unfinished room in the basement where they say they get very cold and feel like they are being watched. There are claims that the grandmother can also be hear walking through the house at night. During the night, one of the girls will wake up to something rattling the door to her room. They often wake up noises coming from the walls.
RnRP found exposed wires and running across the floor joists above the basement room to and from the electrical box and poorly insulated lines to the AC unit that would freeze creating an extremely cold room with uncomfortable EMFs. The attic was observed to have some nocturnal wildlife issues. Upon tests and questioning, it was discovered that one sister was playing pranks on the other through their adjoining bathroom.
RnRP believes this residence is not haunted and sees no need of future investigations.

April 10, 2010

Frightened after her son's sudden personality change, Ms. started noticing items moving, footsteps and other noises in the hall and bath near the bedrooms, and became worried that the son was inviting "things" in. The son became obsessed with skulls, started listening to what she calls "Satanic" music, and read books on demons and magick.
RnRP was able to set her mind at ease regarding the son's "bringing things in" to the house. During the investigation, there was no activity observed and none has been reported since.

February 13, 2010

PRIVATE RESIDENCE - Martin, GA (Investigation #2 of 2)

November 7, 2009

Private Residence - Martin, GA (Investigation #1 of 2)

October 10, 2009

Memorial Tattoo - Atlanta, GA

September 19, 2009


August 29, 2009

PRIVATE APARTMENT - Vinings, GA (Investigation #3 of 3)

July 18, 2009

Once a town filled with gold, friendly Creeks, horse-thieving gangs, and vigilante justice, VIlla Rica has an interesting story, The residence sits along an old route used by the Pony Express. Ms. reports hearing sounds of "gallops", seeing unusual lights and a "coach" heading through the old path in the trees, and having floating lights and sounds from the front porch. One the inside, she claims hearing movement, footsteps, and getting an eerie feeling from the attic. She also says a "man in black" hangs out in the older part of the house (the front) and will watch her.
RnRP set up stationary camera in the living room where the "man in black" had been seen and in the kitchen. Recorders were placed in various rooms and attic, Members took handheld cameras into the attic and out on the porch.
RnRP found that the lights and sounds outside were from cars passing on a nearby road. The older section had thick plaster walls and low ceilings, that with the poor ventilation, caused the claustrophobic and smothering feeling. Nothing was found in the attic, as the noises were contributed to the wind and things hitting the tin roof. The numerous and various types of animals inside the house and upstairs apartment created other noises that echoed through the house.
RnRP can not confirm any paranormal or unearthly causes for resident's claims.

July 3, 2009

The family reported pictures frames and statues being moved and re-positioned in the living room and activity in a spare bedroom. The family arranged items on a shelf only to return to find them moved. Overnight guests would say that they awoke to something climbing into bed with them. When they turned on the light, no one was in the room.
RnRP members stayed the day and full night inside the home. No reports of activity in the living room or amongst the items on the shelf. One team member stayed and slept in the spare bedroom. Several times during the night, he woke feeling something bumping into the foot of the bed and seeing a shadow moving back and forth. It would not respond or acknowledge questions or greetings. The figure disappeared when the lights were turned on. The door was locked and no one had or could have entered the room. RnRP conclusion is that there is some sort of activity in the house, though a follow up investigation is needed.

June 21-22, 2009

Decatur, Illinois' Lincoln Theatre is shrouded in as much majesty as tragedy. Several fires and at least 3 deaths have given rise to the reputation of being haunted. Visitors over the decades have reported to seeing hazy figures of various descriptions through the theatre. It originally was a hotel that was completed gutted by a fire. Two bodies were found and identified though several other guests were never found.
Most of the sightings involve a "one-armed man" known as Red that worked as a stagehand and died (in his sleep while napping) at the Lincoln, and a woman in a long, "old fashion" dress roaming the balcony. Other people claim being touched, cold spots, hearing footsteps, and seeing seats raise and lower as if some one was sitting down.
RnRP received a private tour as invited guests of the Haunted America Conference. Team members can confirm finding cold spots and EMF readings around the seats where the lady is spotted most, Randy, also playing drums in the musical guests, was grabbed and became uncomfortably cold during his show. There were also footsteps backstage on and around the spiral steps.
RnRP does believe that the Lincoln Theatre is haunted.

May 2, 2009

PRIVATE APARTMENT - Vinings, GA (Investigation #2 of 3)

April 11, 2009


March 6, 2009

PRIVATE APARTMENT - Vinings, GA (Investigation #1 of 3)
After the tragic suicide of a teenage boy and the abrupt move-out by the family, the remaining neighbors complained of footsteps, loud music, and unexplained noises coming from the now vacant apartment. The service staff would only stay inside as long as absolutely necessary to keep it maintained. Unleased, the unit became a model to show to prospective tenants.
RnRP was able to record noises and footsteps as well as having a surprising level of intelligent communication using the EMF meters. It is the opinion of the team that there is a presence remaining in the unit.

Febuary 13, 2009