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DBA BBQ - Virginia Highlands, Atlanta, GA


DBA BBQ is located in Virginia Highlands, and has been a series of restaurants before owner Matt Coggin opened shop. Matt had an experience before the opening of his restaurant that made him consider not opening at all. Matt purchased a new desk top printer to print his new menus. The computer and network system was all new, and no devices from previous restaurants were used. However, for some reason believed by Matt to be paranormal, the printer printed out menus from one of the previous restaurants. Matt met with members of RnRP and discussed several other strange happenings in DBA. Matt who smokes whole pigs for his BBQ throughout the night, has heard clicking of footsteps like someone was wearing heels in the women's restroom. He has also come upstairs to find chairs that were previously stacked on top of dinning tables to be scattered away from the table standing right side up.

RnRP Experiences:

Four members of RnRP investigated the upper part of the restaurant and patio. At several times during the evening a knock and muffled sounds were heard around the bar area and kitchen. K-2 meters showed increased electrical activity around one particular table in the back of the dinning area. RnRP members tried to disproved this occurrence by measuring the times at which the activity was happening. The air conditioner and cooling system were deemed not to be responsible for this activity. At times, the responses appeared to be attempts to communicate, and at others they appeared random. There was a noted temperature drop around this table, however no paranormal evidence was caught on camera or film.

Documented Evidence:

Recording devices caught several knocks and unidentified noises throughout the evening. Two intelligent responses were caught from an EVP session in the women's restroom: 1. To the question of "Is there anyone here that would like to communicate?", there was a response of "GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM". Later in the same session, the investigator asked if it would prefer a female instead of a male, the name DANA (the name of the female investigator) was caught on the recorder.
A scream and a groan was also found on the recorders when reviewed.


Virginia Highlands has had settlers in it's area since the 1700's. Native American tribes resided in the area during this time, and the area was placed on a lottery where the land was given away to white settlers after gold was discovered in North Georgia. The area, like all of Atlanta was devastated after the Civil War and many residents returned to their homes being burned down. Virginia Highlands today consists of bungalow homes from the early 1900's to the 1960's. The building that DBA resides in was formally a post office, and due to being federally owned at this time little records exist regarding it's history. Due to the EVP caught with an intelligent answer and multiple unexplained responses, it is felt that further paranormal research should be conducted to determine the exact history of the haunting.



1. Women's bathroom session EVP - Amplified

2. Women's bathroom session EVP - :38 mark

3. EVP session in dining room - Scream

3. A unexplained GROAN from a stationary recorder