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Up for some light reading? We'll post articles written by the RnRP crew as well as by others that we find interesting and informative.

Sept 2011

Sooo, you Caught an Orb:
You've been sitting in a darkened house/building or your local haunted forest for hours on end being quiet, asking questions in to the air, waving blinking devices around, and snapping pictures like crazy. Now comes the fun part, reviewing and searching for evidence.

It is pretty exciting to see something strange in one of the pictures. 'Hey! There's an orb!'
Now what?
Chances are the orb is nothing paranormal or other-worldly at all. Not saying that all orbs can be totally dismissed, but be careful and really put some thought into what you are about to present as evidence. Let me explain myself.

Most orbs are caused by the camera's flash reflecting off of tiny bits of dust particles in the air. If you are outside, or in a damp area, the moisture in the air can reflect the flash. (I can’t tell you the jump we got from a little flying insect we caught on a night vision camera once.) Be aware too, anything shiny in the room can cause reflections and anomalies that can appear in a totally different section of the space you are investigating. And always, ALWAYS clean your lens before starting.

What’s that you say? ‘But THIS Orb is different! Look at the color!’
Most orbs usually appear as either white or semi-transparent circles, but sometimes occur with whole or partial color spectrum, purple fringing or other chromatic aberration. With moisture droplets, your picture may capture light passing through the droplet creating a small rainbow effect. This does not even need a flash if there is any other lighting source in the room.

Still not convinced? Ok. Go into any room with carpet or furniture. Now jump around on the carpet or give that chair a good smack. Now take some shots with that trusty camera. Chances are you are going to find a ton of orbs. Dust can be stirred up by the a/c or heat turning on or any slightest air movement (someone walking by, bumping into something, a door opening/closing, sneezes, coughs, breathing, nearly anything). This can also be tested by using a spray bottle with water. This is why we normally do not include orbs in with our evidence we are presenting to clients.

Part of the problem is technology: Digital Cameras vs Digital SLRs vs old style 35mm SLRs. They all take fine pictures, but in totally different ways. Look here for the technical stuff. Just remember that the type of camera, quality of the camera and film, as well as the operator, can play a huge part in the quality of your photos. It should also be noted that the ‘orb photo’ was extremely uncommon before the advent of digital cameras.

Ok, Ok, yes, I did say that not all orbs can be simply dismissed. At least 95% can be, but we will take a look at the other 5%. You can start by answering a few questions: Is the location known as haunted or having activity? Could you feel a presence, cold spots, etc? Did other members notice anything? Was there an air handling system/was it on? Fans? Open doors? Did you/another member see it with the naked eye? Once you can check off things like this, you can start to really examine the suspected orb.

You will find all sorts of “ways of telling” the “real orbs”, its particular shape, or color, or glowing. Still, unless there was another form of activity at the same in the room, or an orb is always at the exact same place, floating next to someone in every shot, or has some extremely odd behavior, I will usually discount them. You will find that by leaving these out, the evidence you do present is far more credible and harder for a skeptic to dismiss.

We tend to be very strict regarding any evidence, especially when it comes to orbs. You will find articles on every side of the topic so I would suggest reading as much as you can and doing your experiments to build your opinions. There are no experts, but it’ll get you as close as possible.

Happy Hunting!

Sept 2010

I have always had an interest in the strange and have been open to the unexplained. Things have happened to me that I couldn't explain and I just put it off. Until one day..

At the time, I was the drummer for The Spectremen. My singer and I were in my basement listening to some of our songs. We were putting together a demo to send to a record lable and that's when IT happened.

Our song 'Netherworld' started playing for the third time. I heard a little girl scream from the right speaker almost like she was standing right next to me. I didn't believe it until my singer said, "Did you hear a little girl scream?". We played the song a few more times, never hearing the scream again.

That night I was in bed around 1:15 a.m. There was a knock on my window from inside my room. I jumped up and turned on the lights. No one was there. My singer, the same night and time, had a knock on his bedroom door and when he opened it, no one was there. That has been many years ago, but still I remember it like it happened yesterday.

After 13 years in the band, I left to form Rock-n-Roll Paranormal and went from entertaining to helping people.